About Us

Globe: 0917 839 5334 // Smart: 0999 918 8971
Sun: 0923 638 3888 // Landline: 503 7732


Green Giant is a specialty food service provider, offering healthy and affordable quality cold meals through delivery and vending operations in key institutions across Metro Manila. Our goal is to make healthy food accessible to anyone and everyone, whenever and wherever.

Since its start of operations in November 2015, Green Giant has grown to be well-loved and incorporated into the lifestyles of our loyal customers in corporate offices, various industry sectors and health institutions.

Together with our sole vegetable supplier, Massiv Meat, we will remain committed to our purpose of offering quality meals using only the freshest locally-sourced produce.



Hearty Salads & Wraps

Balanced nutrition is at the heart of every unique salad creation. Our salads are built to sustain a regular meal with just-the-right portions of meats, greens and dressings. We keep our methods as simple as possible, but never use shortcuts. With flavorful and carefully-thought of combinations, incorporating balance in your diet becomes a breeze!



Cold Rice Salad Meals

Our rice salads combine the goodness of grains and the same nutrition from our salads, designed for those who need the extra energy from healthy carbohydrates. Best eaten chilled!